trout_skin Bighorn River

Some may argue that the Bighorn is the best trout water in the lower 48. Crystal clear water, steady flows and proficient insect populations produce big healthy brown & rainbow trout. Biologist fish counts vary from 5,000-10,000 trout per mile depending on the stretch of water. Good fishing can be found up to 35 miles down from the Afterbay Dam, with the most consistent fishing being on the upper 13 miles. Keep in mind that the Bighorn flows through the Crow Indian Reservation and shore access may be off limits depending on location. The town of Fort Smith lies at the beginning of the river where gas, food, flies and lodging can be found.

Bighorn River CFS

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  1. From: Anonymous
    Best Fly: BWO Sipper Emerger, CDC Sparkle Dun, Cripple Thor, and Smokejumpers

  2. From: Brady F
    Best Fly: Grey Ray Charles
    Water Conditions: 2500 cfs but a TON of moss
    Weather Conditions: Sunny, hot
    Floated or Waded: Floated
    Section of Water Fished: 3 Mile to BH Access

    Really hot sunny day on Saturday, 7/2/16 – however the moss is really getting bad. We couldn’t drift a run more than 2-3 times without having to get the moss off. It was really difficult most of the day. Dries were not working either, the fish were feeding subsurface. It’ll make for a tough stretch of the summer if this continues.

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