trout_skin Gallatin River

The Gallatin River is a freestone stream with fantastic diversity that will please all anglers. Shortly outside of Bozeman the Gallatin flows 120 miles and is one of the Three Forks that forms the “Mighty Missouri.” Blue Ribbon trout fishing can be found here with healthy populations of Browns & Rainbows. The River originates in Yellowstone Park winding through high elevation meadows, then creates pocket water as it flows through the boulder filled Gallatin Canyon, and then flowing out into the mild fields of the Gallatin Valley.

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trout_skin_2 97 Reports

  1. From: Anonymous
    Best Fly: Parachute Adams #18
    Water Conditions: Clean 'n Clear
    Weather Conditions: Snowin' 'n blowin'
    Floated or Waded: Waded
    Section of Water Fished: Canyon

  2. From: Austin
    Best Fly: Bitch creek nymph, prince nymph
    Water Conditions: High flows near 1700 cfs, about 2 ft visibility
    Weather Conditions: Slightly overcast, about 65°
    Floated or Waded: Waded
    Section of Water Fished: Gallatin canyon

    Great days before runoff! Went up the canyon near house rock on the 21st and 23rd and had great success. Flows were about 1700 cfs, most of the fish were seeking shelter near the edges and behind boulders. Great day for nymphing!

  3. From: Fly Fishing Reports
    Best Fly: #14 EH Caddis, # 16 Lightning Bug
    Water Conditions: low, clear
    Weather Conditions: Hot and sunny
    Floated or Waded: Waded
    Section of Water Fished: Canyon

    Dry fly fishing has been excellent in the mornings and evenings. I’ve been catching fish in every water type- from fast riffles to boulder pockets, on both mayfly attractor patterns and various caddis patterns before noon and after 5. They’ll still eat off the surface in the middle of the afternoon, but it’s much more consistent in the cooler temps. Nymphing has been excellent in garbage water throughout the day.

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