trout_skin Missouri River

The Missouri River is born near the aptly named town of Three Forks, MT where the Madison, Jefferson and Gallatin Rivers converge.  From Three Forks the Missouri flows over 700 miles across the state, through a variety of terrain.  From its beginnings the Missouri is big and broad.  Along its path are a variety of dams and reservoirs.  Throughout its journey there are many access sites to get on the river.

Missouri River CFS

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  1. From: Anonymous
    Best Fly: Rainbow Czech Nymph, see below
    Water Conditions: Low, 4100 CFS
    Weather Conditions: Slight wind, clear skies
    Section of Water Fished: Dam to Craig

  2. From: FlyFishingReports
    Best Fly: Blue Wing Olive size 16 : Lightening Bug size 18or 16 Orange or Pink
    Weather Conditions: Overcast
    Section of Water Fished: Stickney to Pruit

    Nymphing was great in the morning to afternoon. Around 3 the fish were really looking up. Sight fishing was exceptional.

    4x helped with nymphing.
    5x mono critical when fishing dries.

    Bent 6 BWO hooks…

  3. From: KynsLee Scott
    Best Fly: Hot Head Ray Charles
    Water Conditions: Flows are up almost 200 CFS but the river is still low on average.
    Weather Conditions: Overcast

    Water Temps are slightly coming down but overall on their way up. Still recommend targeting slow water where the temps are higher and increased fish activity. 4′ to 6′ depth. As usual find them, take mental picture, fish similar water!

    Nymphs : Hot Head Ray Charles pink, grey, orange (12/14), San Juan Worms red various sizes, Rainbow Czech, Scuds bright colors (12/14).

    With the overcast for this weekend bring : Green Machines, Lightening Bugs green, light olive, brown.

    Streamers : Mark them dark and deep this weekend.

    Fish a 10 foot leader at least. A little weight. 3x Fluoro

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