trout_skin Yellowstone River – Upper

The Mighty Yellowstone is a large powerful river that originates in the heart of Yellowstone National Park. We define the Upper Section as the stretch between Gardiner, MT and Springdale, MT. Browns and Rainbows can be found throughout this section, and the vibrant Yellowstone Cutthroat is prominent on the upper parts. This river can please all angler styles: you can throw big fluffy dry flies up underneath cutbanks, or you can throw streamers for big aggressive brown trout. Consistent Hatches keep these trout healthy and heavy. The Caddis Hatch in May and the Salmon Fly Hatch in July are not to be missed. The towns of Gardiner and Livingston carry all the supplies you need with plenty of lodging in the area.

Yellowstone River CFS

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  1. From: Anonymous
    Best Fly: Olive Sparkledun #16, Black streamers
    Water Conditions: Green/good clarity 44*
    Weather Conditions: 40degrees and overcast changing to cold/wind/snow in the mid afternoon.
    Floated or Waded: Floated
    Section of Water Fished: Mallards to Pine

  2. From: Fly Fishing Reports
    Best Fly: Matthew's X Caddis # 16, Gold Microstone #14
    Water Conditions: Clear, low
    Weather Conditions: Hot and sunny
    Floated or Waded: Floated
    Section of Water Fished: Bird

    The dry fly fishing is hit or miss over on the stone. I had an excellent morning yesterday, while some very fishy friends just downstream of us had to work for them. No matter which section you’re fishing, it sounds like the top water action really slows down in the afternoon. Nypmhing slowed down too, but we were still able to sift through whities and land a few nice trout on small stonefly nymphs.

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