Fall River pressure is high this summer

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Man oh man the Fall River pressure is high this summer. Go at dawn and fish to noon, or at 6 and fish to dark. You will be much happier to avoid all the crowds that are there from 9 or 10 until dinner time.
Streamers and heavy nymphs have been picking up the majority of fish for us. If you’re lucky to be in the right place you can get a lovely little hatch of Pale Morning Duns that the fish will feed on the surface for.
Ants, Beetles, Hoppers, Hippie Stompers and Henryville Caddis are some of my personal Fall River fave’s this time of year.

There are a lot of Creeks out there to fish. Yep, the trout are small, but may be especially plentiful in many places. Fish in these places like simple selections: Adams, Renegades, Ants, Hippie Stompers, Elk Hair Caddis and small Bead Heads like a Rainbow Warrior.
Whychus Creek, Tumalo Creek, Lake Creek and other high meadow creeks are worth exploring up in those mountains around us. Go get ’em!


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