The Metolius is still not seeing a lot of Kokanee

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The Metolius is still not seeing a lot of Kokanee. I had the opportunity to be with some neighbors last evening for appetizers and one of the couples had their sail boat on Lake Billy Chinook Friday and Saturday and spent the night up the Metolius Arm. The Kokanee were thick in the lake and in the full moon were jumping and running all around the boat. So, it just seems like they are on the way. 
The tardiness of the kokanee doesn’t effect the trout fishing much, but I just like to know the cycles are healthy and continuing year to year. 
Green Drakes (#10) and Flav’s(#14) are still present and still important from Canyon Creek to Candle Creek. Look for them in the afternoon as early as noon in some areas, but plan for a later hatch in most areas. 
Mahogany Duns (#16) are increasingly important in the afternoon and will be important all of October in every area of the river. 
PMD (#16 mostly although some #18 are possible) are still very important but will wane as we move towards colder days likely coming at the end of October. Until then, every stage, from emergers, cripples, duns and spinners will take fish from the headwaters down to below Bridge 99. 
Blue Wing Olives (#20-22) are very important all over the river and can hatch late morning, mid afternoon and into the 1st shadows of the evening during this warm spell we are having. Like the PMD, it is important to fish cripples and emergers as well as the dun. Spinners may end up being important, but less so than the PMD hatch final stage. 
A lot of friends reported great action last week on October Caddis dries! Joel and Jennifer started the bug in my ear wit their visit to the shop after a good weekend of fishing, then Gerry Clark (he and his dad Lee Clark are the Clark’s Stone guys and brilliant tyers) stopped in the shop to visit Saturday and had a good evening with his new Clark’s Version of the Oct Caddis! Including a nice brown I saw a photo of. I love that. 
Other caddis prevalent include a lot of tan caddis about a #16, some olive/grey tone caddis in the #16-18 range and a few micro caddis that don’t seem to have the fish’s attention like they did a month ago….
Golden Stones remain a good choice, especially from the Lake Creek area down to the Gorge. Canyon bound anglers ought to have a Clarks Stone or Norm Woods Special tucked in the box too. 
Euro Nymphing has been excellent, Streamer fishing for Bull Trout has been quite good too.

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