The Metolius continues to fish well

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The Metolius continues to fish well. Nymphing has been great with a variety of patterns including october caddis, jigged leeches, zebra midges, worms, two-bits, anato-mays, and nitro-caddis. Fish have been feeding on BWOs well on top midday. Big streamers and larger balanced flies under an indicator have been picking up bulls. When stripping big streamers on the Met for bulls try and make that fly look as erratic as possible in the water. Fast, twitchy strips will often entice these predators to strike. How many times have we heard in the shop that someone hooks up with a whitefish only to have it get T-boned by a big bull? The squirmy, flashy fight these fish are putting up while they are hooked is what triggers the bulls to strike. Make that streamer move!

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