The river is still up with the tributaries flowing from the snow runoff and recent rains

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Things are beginning to wind down on the Trinity, but we are still seeing the big winter fish coming to the net daily. The river is still up with the tributaries flowing from the snow runoff and recent rains. Flows at Douglas City are around 1,000 CFS which makes the river easier to navigate. Don't overlook heading downstream below Junction City, clarity is not bad and the elevated flows have fish heading upstream daily. Large, dark flies and egg patterns are what's getting fish. Mercer's Psycho Prince in purple or orange, Little Black Stones and Duracells will work for your dropper. Egg patterns will be a great choice if/when the river colors up. For the swing fisherman, it will be a good idea to put on your Skagit floating head with a tip to swing a black Burnt Chicken or Hoh Bo Spey. We've had one of the best seasons so far on the Trinity and look forward to the next couple of months!

Trinity River Flows:
Trinity River Releases from Lewiston
Trinity River Flow at Pigeon Point

Shuttle Services:
• Bill & Caryl Dickens (Gold Coast Shuttle) at 530-623-1905

Access To the Trinity River
The Trinity has many publicly accessible areas with good wading opportunities during the steelhead season. Stop by the shop and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

Steelhead Fishing Can be Frustrating
These anadromous rainbow trout are known as the 'Fish of a Thousand Casts.' For good reason! The learning curve can be quite steep learning when and where to go, and what type of water to target. Our Professional Guide Staff has decades of experience guiding the Trinity River for steelhead. A day spent with one of our guides will get you up to speed much more quickly.

Recommended Equipment & Setups
Early Summer Run Steelhead on the Trinity River will take swung flies readily. Spey rods are becoming an increasingly popular method to swing flies. The Fly Shop's Signature Spey Rods are an economical way to get into a great Spey rig.

Hot Flies: 

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
Pat's RubberlegsBrown and Black, #4-8
Mercer's Psycho Prince - #12-16
TB Solitude Stone - #8
Coppertop Duracell - #16
Mercer's Gold Bead Biot Epoxy Golden Stone - #8-10
• Copper John Red - #10-14

Clown Egg - #4-10
Micro Spawn Eggs - Pink & Salmon Egg
Boles Bazookas - #8

Swing Flies:
Ho-bo Spey - #6
Beaded Assassins
Hoody's Hangers - #4
Brett's Klamath Skater - #7

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