Bridgeport Fish Report - August 22, 2021

Kens Sporting Goods Staff

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We’re still having a bit of a cooling trend, at least at night. The daytime temperatures are still getting up there but if this trend continues we may be able to get back on the river sooner than expected. For the time being it’s still best to wait it out. We’ll keep a close eye on things down there and will be sure to let you know when the time is right! 

SCEIRINE RANCH              

As with the California side of the river it’s time to let the ranch rest, most of the reservations we had for the next 5 weeks or so have been canceled, we have a couple still on the books that we don’t have contact information on, if you have a reservation between now and September, please give us a call and we can get you off the books and book dates for later in the season when the temperatures come down. 760-932-7707       

BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR                   

We haven’t had any good reports from the Reservoir lately, but as with the EW, as the water temps continue to drop things should start looking up out there. We’ll let you know as soon as there are some fish being caught!    

KIRMAN LAKE                        

We talked to a couple anglers who fish Kirman this week, it wasn’t great but they did manage to catch a couple small brookies, probably from the planting that was done earlier in the season. Hopefully those fish will fare well until next year when they should be much larger!      

TWIN LAKES                      

The Twins have been ok lately with some good reports coming in as well as some not so good of course. There seems to be some decent action here and there from the shoreline, successful anglers have been using power bait with long leaders, around 3 to 4 feet and catching some fish up to around 5 pounds. The Kokanee are also still very active with lots of them being caught trolling fairly deep. It will likely take a while but as the weather gets colder and the water temps drop the fish in the Twins will start moving closer to the surface where they’re easier to get a bait in front of.                                  

WEST WALKER RIVER                          

The West is still producing a few fish here and there, not huge numbers but there are some fish to be had. Fly anglers are having some success with hoppers as well as attractor dries like stimulators and humpy’s, bait anglers are catching a few fish with salmon eggs and crawlers while lure anglers are enjoying some success with Panther Martins and Rooster Tails.                  

VIRGINIA LAKES                    

Both Virginias and Trumbull were stocked this week by the Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Foundation with some nice 3 to 6 pound fish from Oregon. These fish have been making a pretty good showing the last few days with at least 5 or 6 up to 5.5 pounds coming in just today. Some of these fish are being caught with mini jigs, mice tails, inflated crawlers and power bait. It’s best to get out in a tube or kayak if possible, if you are fishing from the shore add a little extra weight and get a good long cast away from the shore to increase your odds.                    

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RANDOM INFORMATION: Yesterday was the opening day for archery deer season, we haven’t talked to any successful hunters yet, hopefully they’ll start getting into some nice bucks soon. Labor Day weekend is coming up soon, the Fishin’ Mission Foundation is having their annual Western BBQ and Concert again this year on Saturday, Sept. 4, tickets are on sale now either here at Ken’s or online at:  Walker River Outfitters, the Fishin’ Mission Foundation and Ken’s Sporting Goods will also be sponsoring our annual East Walker River Clean-up again this year on Monday, Sept. 6. We will be meeting at the Bridgeport Park, behind the Silver Maple Motel at 9:00am to get organized and hand out trash bags, pickers and gloves then will be meeting back at the park at approximately 1:00pm to drop off trash and enjoy a free BBQ, hang out with old friends and hopefully meet some new ones! Everyone is welcome!

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