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The water is low and cold out on the Crooked River

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The water is low and cold out on the Crooked River. Fish are going to gather up in the slow deep pools to conserve their energy. Right now you need to put flies as close to fish as possible in order to get a bite. Cover water well to increase your odds. Fishing during the warmest part of the day is also a good way to increase your odds. Hatches are pretty scarce in the canyon right now. Midges and the rare blue wing olive are all you’re likely to see. Baetis nymphs and midges are good nymphs to use since they are the only active insects. Larger nymph patterns can also be effective, sometimes trout can’t pass up a big meal when it's cold. We should get a break from the precipitation soon but the cold doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Be patient out there and enjoy the peace and quiet of winter fishing. 

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