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Report your 2021 hunt by Jan. 31

Just a reminder that all big game and turkey hunters who bought a tag need to report their hunt, even if they didn’t hunt or take an animal. Also a reminder that reporting early will help you avoid the last minute crush of procrastinators. Learn more about how to report.

Best bets for weekend fishing:

  • Our fish biologists report good steelhead fishing in coastal rivers from the Necanicum to the Winchuck. With dry weather in the forecast, there should be good fishing conditions all along the coast through the weekend.
  • Steelhead fishing on the Sandy and Clackamas rivers has been good when conditions allow.
  • Winter trout fishing can be good in several rivers in eastern Oregon, including the Fall, Crooked, Metolius, Blitzen and Wallowa.
  • Lower elevation lakes that were stocked throughout the summer should offer some fishing for holdover trout. Think of places like Henry Hagg Lake, Lost Creek Reservoir and Detroit Reservoir.
  • Conditions over the weekend should be good for a boat ride on the ocean. Bottomfish fishing can be very good in the winter months whenever boats can get out on the water.
  • Low to minus tides, and great weather, through the weekend should favor some bay clamming along the coast.
  • Clear, dry condition later in the week should also improve crabbing in bays and estuaries by reducing the freshwater influence from rivers flowing into ocean waters.

Trout fishing 101: Albany, Jan. 29

Participants will learn where to go, what gear to buy and how to clean your catch. A two-hour class will be followed by a chance to fish a nearby pond. Learn more and register.

Ice fishing workshop: Klamath Falls, Feb 19 – 20

In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn and practice everything you need to know to go ice fishing -- from reading the ice to cleaning your catch, and all steps in between. Learn more and register.


More Reports

OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Reports
for Wednesday, January 12th
Deschutes River- Lower: New state, possible world record mountain whitefish caught on Deschutes River
Delintment Lake: Ice fishing will likely be slow due to low oxygen levels.
Gerber Reservoir: Bank access is good
Upper Klamath Lake: he lake is frozen except near the outlet
Klamath River - Upper - OR: Klamath River Fishing Report
Owyhee River: Brown trout are done spawning in the Owyhee River
Sycan River: River is mostly dry
Thompson Valley Reservoir: Unclear how thick the ice is
Yellowjacket Lake: No recent reports on ice conditions
Applegate River: As of Wednesday morning, the Wilderville stream gage was reading 807 cfs and steady
Chetco River: Water conditions have returned to almost perfect after the recent storms
Cooper Creek Reservoir: With recent rains it is likely that Cooper Creek is high enough to launch boats at the west ramp
Coquille River: Steelhead fishing from the bank has been good on the North Fork Coquille River
Diamond Lake: A few anglers seem to be out trying to ice fish on Diamond
Elk River: Steelhead fishing will slow a bit as flows drop and clear
Galesville Reservoir: According to the lake gage, it looks like boats can again be launched at Galesville
Illinois River: Conditions should be pretty prime out here
Pistol River: The river will be in perfect condition as flows continue to drop
Rogue River- Lower: Steelhead fishing continues to be really good
Rogue River - Middle:  Expect the river to continue dropping for the foreseeable future
Rogue River- Upper: Upper river above Rogue Elk Park is in much better shape
Rogue River- Upper (Above Lost Creek): Expect clear but very cold weather for the weekend, probably a pretty slow bite
Sixes River: The river is finally coming into shape after recent storms
Tenmile Lakes: Fishing for steelhead has been good the past couple weeks on Tenmile Creek
Umpqua River: The river should have dropped into shape nicely
Necanicum River: Impassable boating hazard on the Necanicum River
Alsea River: Winter steelhead fishing continues to be good on the Alsea
Kilchis River: The Kilchis should be in good shape this weekend
Nehalem River: Probably won’t be fishable this week
Nestucca River: The Nestucca River is still high and off color
Siletz River: Winter steelhead fishing continues to be steady on the Siletz
Siuslaw River: Winter steelhead continues to be good on the Siuslaw
Trask River: Should be Fishable by Saturday
Wilson River: The Wilson is still a little high, but should be fishable
Detroit Reservoir: Detroit Reservoir Fishing Report
Foster Reservoir: Anglers report good success in the two arms of the reservoir, as well as the shoreline in between
Quartzville Creek: Light tackle including flies works best, but bait is allowed
Santiam River ( North Fork) : No recent fishing reports
Santiam River (South Fork): he run this year is disappointing
Crooked River: Anglers report fair winter fishing in the Crooked River
Fall River: Anglers report winter conditions and fair fishing
Haystack Reservoir: The water level will remain low for now
Metolius River: Anglers report winter fishing conditions
Grande Ronde River: Flows on the Grande Ronde River have been consistent throughout the week
Wallowa River: Some steelhead anglers have had recent success on the Wallowa River
Snake River- Below Hells Canyon Reservoir: Some anglers are catching steelhead on the Snake River
OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Reports
for Thursday, January 6th
Gerber Reservoir: The reservoir is frozen. Ice thickness is unknown
John C Boyle Reservoir: The reservoir might be partially frozen
Upper Klamath Lake: The lake is frozen except near the outlet
Klamath River - Upper - OR: Klamath River Report
Lake Of The Woods: Ice thickness is unknown but currently not safe for ice fishing
Willow Valley Reservoir: The reservoir is low and likely frozen
Applegate Reservoir: The only useable boat ramp at Applegate Reservoir is the French Gulch Boat Ramp
Applegate River: As of Wednesday morning, the Wilderville stream gage was reading 1,280 cfs and dropping
Arizona Pond: This pond received a sizeable batch of fresh rainbow trout over the holidays
Ben Irving Reservoir: Reservoir is likely murky and may inhibit certain methods.
Chetco River: Steelhead fishing has been really good
Coos River: Steelhead anglers have been catching hatchery steelhead
Coquille River: The rivers are currently high and muddy
Diamond Lake: The last report said the ice was not quite thick enough to start fishing on
Elk River: Steelhead fishing should be excellent
Emigrant Reservoir: Emigrant is close to deadpool
Fish Lake :  The current lake level is 35 percent full and the lake is filling slowly
Galesville Reservoir: The reservoir has started to fill again but it is still very low
Garrison Lake: Bank anglers can find access at the 12th street or Pinehurst boat ramps and off Paradise Point Road
Howard Prairie Reservoir: Earlier in the week is that there’s about 6 inches of snow over about 4-6 inches of ice covering the lake
Hyatt Lake: Expect winter weather conditions for the weekend and a frozen lake
Illinois River: The Illinois is known for having a run of some earlier running winter steelhead
Pistol River: Steelhead are spread throughout the river
Rogue River- Lower: Steelhead fishing has been really good
Rogue River - Middle: Middle Rogue may start seeing some winter steelhead finally show up
Rogue River- Upper: Upper Rogue River Report
Rogue River- Upper (Above Lost Creek): Expect winter weather and lots of snow
Sixes River: Sixes River Fishing Report
Tenmile Lakes: A few hatchery steelhead have been caught in Tenmile Creek last week
Umpqua River: Umpqua River Report
Winchuck River: Anglers can expect to find steelhead scattered throughout the river
Alsea River: Winter steelhead fishing is off to a great start on the Alsea
Kilchis River: Kilchis is usually one of the first rivers to come back in shape
Necanicum River: It is peak time for the hatchery winter steelhead run on the Necanicum
Nehalem River: The Nehalem River is predicted to hit minor flood stage on Thursday
Siletz River: Winter steelhead fishing has been good on the Siletz
Siuslaw River: Winter steelhead typically start showing up in the Siuslaw system in early December
Trask River: The Trask is predicted to peak above “action” stage after Thursday’s storm
Wilson River: The Wilson River was starting to produce some steelhead over the New Year’s weekend
Clackamas River: Winter steelhead can now be found throughout the Clackamas River
Detroit Reservoir: Detroit Reservoir Report
Sandy River: Winter steelhead can now be found throughout the Sandy River
Crooked River: Anglers report fair winter fishing in the Crooked River
Fall River: Anglers report good fishing in late morning and afternoon once water temperatures rise
Metolius River: Anglers report hit and miss blue wing olive hatches and fair fishing
Grande Ronde River: Grande Ronde River Fishing Report
Wallowa River: Walloa River Report
Snake River- Below Hells Canyon Reservoir: Steelhead are available throughout the Snake River
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