Pyramid has seen an uptick in the fishing this week

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Pyramid has seen an uptick in the fishing this week with the series of storms moving through the area. Cloud cover and wind will be an angler’s best friend out here, and when both are present, the fishing can be excellent. The days when one or the other isn’t there however, it can remain a grind. Late in the week we saw some extreme winds with bright sunny skies, when we see this, we don’t get very excited to fish out here, at least not this time of year. The bright days will keep the fish in deeper water more times than not, and its only when these two factors are present at the same time that you can count on more reliable fishing. As always, we will be the first to tell you that even if conditions are less than ideal, we still love getting out here and just enjoying the lake for everything else it provides. However, if you are after good fishing then you’ll want to follow the forecast more closely and pick your days based on overcast, wind, barometric pressure drops, and moon phase. While we don’t base the question of “if we are fishing or not” on wind direction, it does help us decide what beach we are going to that day. Over the years we have heard from a lot of people that they prefer fishing a headwind, meaning they choose a beach that is opposite of the wind direction. The belief is they feel that the wind pushes bait into the shore and the trout will follow. We have personally found that this isn’t always the case, and we typically prefer a cross wind or a wind that is three quarters in our direction, meaning not directly head on but off your shoulder. In our opinion this will give you the supposed benefits of pushing the bait close to the shore without having to cast into a direct headwind. We also feel like it will keep your flies in the zone longer with less casting. So, if the wind direction is coming in from the southwest, beaches with a good point facing south or southeast may fish slightly better than beaches facing to the north, where the waves are blocked. However, if it is expected to be a very windy day out here, then we recommend using these opposite facing beaches to your advantage providing cover from otherwise unfishable conditions.

The fly selection and presentation out here remains the same this week with your best bet being indicator fishing using leeches and midges anywhere from 6-14 feet. We have been finding the bigger fish typically more towards the bottom end of this and most are being caught on leeches. The color of your leech should depend on the amount of light present. Early mornings or late evenings will be the best time to try variations of black, and mid-day with overcast we prefer fishing shades of olive. On brighter days we will switch to white. Purples, browns, oranges, and other colors also can work well on any given day, and it’s never a bad idea to carry a few of these curveballs in your fly box. Color selections on midges don’t quite vary as much with black, red, brown, olive all fishing close to the same on any given day or light condition, it is more based on time of day, with the midge being the best mid-day when they hatch off. We are getting close to the prime months for fishing out here, and we’re well stocked on all the gear, flies and of course the knowledge to help you make the most of your day at this trophy fishery, so stop in and get the latest!

If you would like to go fishing with us please check out our website Trout Creek or call (530) 563-5119.

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