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The Metolius is fair for Dry Flies, good for nymphs and pretty good too for big bulls on streamers.
Let’s break that down a bit.
Yesterday there were both BWO’s #18 and Cinygmula Mayflies #14-16 hatching in the afternoon. Keep an eye out for the Cinygmula’s in the early evening too. We have this really cool thread body, yellow parachute that is probably the #1 fly to match these bugs, but certainly Knock Down Duns, Sparkle Duns, Comparaduns and Yellow Soft Hackles will do the trick. On the Blue Wing Olives, fish the cycle of the hatch from nymphs several hours before you might see the 1st duns emerge (about 1 PM), then be ready with emergers and cripples, duns and tuck some #18 rusty spinners in the box if you plan to fish from 5 to 7 PM.
March Browns ought to pop below Bridge 99 really any day now. If you see some, please write me and let me know. Always exciting to see them on the water.
As I’ve written about most of the winter reports and now continuing in the spring, it’s been awfully good on caddis. More pupa than dry adults, but some of my good local regulars have got fish up on caddis dries including Iris Caddis, X Caddis and Corn Fed. It is still very important to be drifting Amber and Orange Pupa patterns as those October and Silver Stripe Caddis are not done until usually the end of April.
Stonefly nymphs have produced well, especially Golden’s.
Perdigons, Eggs, Caddis Pupa, 2 Bit Hookers, Micro Mayflies, Walts, Zebra Midges, CDC Guides Hares Ear and Rainbow Warriors on the Euro Rig or under an Oros or NZ Wool Indicator. Oros will support the bigger nymphs and NZ Wool will be delicate for the small nymphs. Also, if you haven’t tried the new Xtra Small Oros Indicator, they are wicked good with one nymph and detect really soft takes. Add one to your kit.
The Bully Boys from the shop (Mattias and Gavin) have landed some amazing fish on streamers lately. Now it is your turn.

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