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The Crooked River is in excellent shape BUT I am nervously watching inflows to the reservoir and concerned the BOR will have no choice but to bump flows back up….
Maybe not. So until then, let’s keep enjoying the perfect flows and go fish the Crooked.
Here’s what we have found this last week. Very few BWO’s so far. This surprises me, but it is nature and they will pop when they are good and ready to do so. Some decent midge hatches, but fish only poking around on the dries, not feeding heavily on them yet.
Nymph fishing is very good. Our guides and shop staff that fished it about every day last week reported Zebra Midges, Perdigons (especially bright ones that show up in the murkier water we are seeing now), Winker’s, Orange Scuds, Rainbow Warrior, Cased Caddis, Flashback PT and 2 Bit Hookers.
I do hope to see the hatches getting stronger and more dry fly opportunities, but until then, the nymphs are working just fine and plenty of trout and whitefish are keeping the rods bent. We are offering our spring special guide trips at the Fall and Crooked for $395 from now until 4/21/24. $395 for up to 3 people is a bargain and a great way to get out early and learn from our excellent guide team.

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